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To unlock AI learning potential of every school student in the country


To empower every school student to be a creative contributor and build future enterprises.


To remain child-focused by building them a stress-free learning environment that constantly focuses on incremental improvement.

AI Test and course designed by alumni of

Get Career Ready with AI

For Class 6-12

  • AI Test

Get to know how your child will interact with Artificial Intelligence in the future. Complete results will be provided in the report.
Our proprietary machine learning algorithms will help your child to integrate in the world of AI.
Bonus: Invitation to bi-monthly webinar to explain significance of report

  • Animated Videos

Each video has been carefully curated to give your child the maximum learning output for the time he spends

  • Personalized Learning

All modules have quizzes and personalized learning has been tailored for each child. Detailed analytics is also provided for your child to learn fast.

  • Doubt Clearing Forum

Ask whatever doubts you have from the comfort of your home. Take maximum advantage by reading through hundreds of doubts cleared.

  • Exclusive Alphadynamic Community

Get access to the exclusive Alphadynamic Community. Make your journey enjoyable through are curated newsletters, selected video content and events and news to keep you ahead of your classmates

Take The Next Step

Take The Next Step

  • Certification

Get Career Ready with AI Certification from E2 American Artificial Intelligence Advancement Center

  • Bonus Activities

Apply knowledge through our bonus activities, where your child will be guided to the latest learning techniques happening around the world from IIT/IIM Ahmedabad alumni.

  • Foundations of AI Course (Only for Class 9-12)

Get access to the Foundations of AI course specially designed as per latest international standards by E2 Corporation, USA

  • Job Videos (Only for Class 9-12)

Exclusive videos explaining how you can build a career in any function with AI. Whether it be sales, strategy, Finance, HR etc.

  • Industry Videos (Only for Class 9-12)

Get access to the Foundations of AI course specially designed as per latest international standards by E2 Corporation, USA


Niranjan Prasad

Father of Class 6 student

I was surprised that despite being introduced by CBSE, schools do not teach Artificial Intelligence. I enrolled my son for the Get Career Ready with AI course at Alphadynamic to teach him Artificial Intelligence skills as per CBSE. Alphadynamic is an excellent platform for learning Artificial Intelligence. My son found the course content extremely engaging. Though the course was for 3 months, my son finished it in 1 month. I would encourage any parent who wants to make their child future ready to sign-up for this course for his or her child.


Class 9 student

I am a student of class 9. I decided to enroll myself for the Get career ready with AI course at Alphadynamic and it is one of the best decisions I have taken so far. The lectures were fun and interesting with lots of images. I also got to know how I will be able to perform in the digital world through the AI test. As I plan to pursue engineering in future the knowledge of AI gives me an edge over my batchmates to secure my future career.


Father of Class 7 student

My son Aryaman. He took the AI test and course from Alphadynamic. I must admit the course is extremely well structured and Aryaman enjoyed the course thoroughly. He was hooked on to the lectures. We found the price of the course extremely reasonable and purchased it as soon as we go to know about it. He knows how Google, Facebook & Instagram use AI algorithms to track his preferences. He talks about this the whole day. I am very happy to see his interest developing in the field of AI. We will definitely enroll him for the next academic year.

A Ganesh

Father of Class 10 student

I don’t want to sugarcoat it for anyone – this last year has been difficult in so many ways and the transition to e-learning was tough for both kids and parents.Artificial Intelligence e-learning is definitely a new concept for us all to get used to, and it can be particularly new and challenging for young children. But Alphadynamic has done a great job with launching this new way for our kids to learn. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our e-Learning, videos, activities and assignments that they’ve created for us. My son is now more confident on the stream he wants to select and how he can integrate AI in his future career plans.


Mother of Class 8 student

Alphadynamic was a wonderful, productive experience for Abhishek in which he learned more about Artificial Intelligence.The course content was made extremely easy to understand. We could not believe AI was so simple that my daughter in Class 8 could learn it. I would like to thank the creators for the course for the great job they are doing!

Gagan Sharma

Father of Class 11 student

We are really happy how a complete Artificial Intelligence learning experience is provided, right from the initial tests to the interactive videos. Alphadynamic has successfully set up a wonderful structure to AI learning. My child has discovered how he can use AI in his career.He has been reading and understanding the concepts in a deeper way since he took the course. Earlier we thought AI is only for science students, but after taking this course we are convinced AI is for everyone. Thank you Alphadynamic for giving my child a foundation in a career path that has high demand in the future.

Alphadynamic AI Curriculum

Class 6

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Class 7 & 8

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Class 9 – 12

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Personalized Learning

Benchmark your child

Know where your child is placed in his skills where he is placed in the field of AI (Designed by IIT/IIM Ahmedabad alumni)
college ready portfolio

Personalized Learning

Learn through Alphadynamic’s proprietary machine learning algorithms and personalized quizzes
college ready portfolio

Doubt-clearing Forum

Browse through hundreds of doubts and get answers to your queries within 48 hours
college ready portfolio

Animated Videos

Learn through hundreds of concept files through our animated videos designed to make your learn concepts simply with ease
college ready portfolio

Bonus Activities

Learn the application of concepts on the latest platforms through our guided videos by IIT/IIM alumni
college ready portfolio

Certification from USA

Get certified from the 25-year-old firm E2 corporation in the US and give your education a head-start

76% of Learners Complete their course within 3 months of duration

72% 72% of learners were able to recollect & relate faster
80% 80% of learners have better understanding over complex concepts


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